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Human Rights Report

Why the United States’ Human Rights Report is Meaningless

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, the United States this week submitted a human rights report to the U.N. Human Rights Council. The report singled out such failures such as high unemployment, hate crimes, poverty, and discrimination against minorities, gays, and lesbians.

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Presumed Guilty: The Injustices of Mexico’s Justice System

Presumed Guilty: The Injustices of Mexico’s Justice System

Antonio “Toño” Zúñiga, a young man who worked as a street vendor in Mexico City, was abducted by police and accused of a murder he didn’t commit. He was held without charge, and there was no physical evidence connecting him to the crime. He had no link to the victim, and no motive. Witnesses could Read More


Women, Art, Revolution: The Not-So Secret History of the Feminist Art Movement

!Women Art Revolution is a film by Lynn Hershman Leeson that traces the creation of the Feminist Art Movement from its very beginnings in the 1970s to the present day. It’s been selected to the Toronto Film Festival documentary lineup and will have its international premiere on September 12. But you don’t have to travel Read More

Expert Witness: Karin Orr, Working in Peru with the Families of the Disappeared

Expert Witness: Karin Orr, Working in Peru with the Families of the Disappeared

THE FAMILIES OF THE DISAPPEARED endure a unique struggle to keep the memory of a loved alive along with a search for justice. Helping in that process is Karin Orr, who this past summer worked as the Advocacy Project Peace Fellow for the Peruvian Forensic Anthropology Team (EPAF). Orr took part in The Humanitarian Project, Read More

Documentary Film

Out My Window: Documentary Film Looks Inside High-Rise Life

OUT MY WINDOW IS A 360-DEGREE DOCUMENTARY offering a glimpse into the lives of highrise residents in 13 cities around the world. All you need is a drag-on-the-mouse or a press of the right/left arrows and you’re twirling around another space, another city, and looking out another window than your own. This is panorama-technology put Read More

Canary Effect

The Canary Effect: Native America’s Tragic History

“We got a story to tell—a good story. And it’s about time the rest of America find out.” –Sen. Daniel Inouye, fmr. chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs THE HISTORY OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN is a story of people decimated by a campaign of federally-directed genocide and cultural repression. This tragic history is Read More


How You Can Support Social Issue Photography

HOW DOES A PHOTOGRAPHER ENGAGE WITH A SOCIAL ISSUE? An initiative by Magnum Photos called The Emergency Fund aims to support independent photographers who are committed to engaging with social issues over the long-term and on projects that need more media attention. The projects are selected by an editorial board that reviews proposals from 100 Read More

Development Blog

Aid or Trade: Why You Should Read These Top Development Blogs

THIS MONTH THE U.K. ANNOUNCED IT WOULD END AID TO INDIA, saying it would focus instead on trade It brought up the ever-present question. What good does development do, and how will it work moving forward? If you’re like me, you want to hear what development does, and doesn’t, do. Here’s where you find insight: Read More


Tibetan Writers Sentenced for Speaking Out

“[This magazine] has come into your hands out of a determination to vindicate the many who succumbed to the tribulations of 2008.” —Garmi, one of three Tibetan writers sentenced THREE WRITERS WHO DARED TO PUBLISH articles about the March protests in Tibet were sentenced to three and four years in prison by Chinese authorities last Read More