New writing: poetry for human rights is a poetry journal devoted to new poetry that tackles human rights issues worldwide. They are open to submissions, so if you are a poet, please visit their site and submit your best words that “Rage. Celebrate. Mourn. Demand. Scream. Dance.”

Here is a sample of what the site publishes, a poem by Heather Derr-Smith:

Interrogation IV

When he sits in the chair
It’s my job to open him up. He transforms into you.
Unrecognizable as the resurrected,
Worm casings shed, azaleas blooming from the closing wounds–

In person your voice sounds nothing like this.
I hear you, otilith swinging on its diminutive thread, singing.

Your lips look like candy, blown like glass.
In real life your morning body
Is stretched out, mouth opened,
Full of night’s dew,
a cup spilled,
sometimes blood.