The Activist Writer offers the most comprehensive and honest consumer reviews. As a full disclosure, this blog is not affiliated to any product or service provider and does not promote products. This is simply a platform that provides consumers with an opportunity to review and rate various products and services. Think of it this way, any honest vendor will appreciate the review from an activist writer because we tell it like it is. Either the consumer is satisfied with your product or service, or they are not.

I believe consumers have the power to shape and change products as they are the main driving force behind product innovation. Our unbiased user reviews add value in that we provide manufacturers and retailers valuable insight into the consumer.

Our objectives

We seek to provide unbiased user opinions to enable consumers make better informed shopping decisions.

We provide a platform where the consumer can share their own personal experiences on a product, service or shop.

We seek to drive public opinion with the intention of influencing retailers and manufacturers to up their game in provision of higher quality products and better services.