Why mattresses are so expensive

We all value our sleep and if you are like me, you will go out of your way to ensure that your bed has the right mattress to ensure that your sleeping time is your best moment of the day. However, if you have done sufficient mattress research like me, you have come to acknowledge that good mattresses are not cheap. Of course there are various reasons that influence the costs of mattresses, therefore through this post, we seek to explore some of them.

#1 Level of durability influences the price

Manufacturers generally price their mattresses depending on how durable they are that is how long the mattress’ lifespan will be. This is majorly determined by the material that has been used and the variety of the mattress itself. For instance, mattresses made of memory foam or pocket springs are known to attract higher costs.

Generally, most mattresses currently in the market last an average of around eight years before you start noticing signs that they are degrading. This however may vary depending to some extent on the user’s sleeping patterns and body weight. Through the price tag attached to the mattress, you may be able to estimate its length of durability.

#2 Material used in the manufacturing process influences price

Based on market research and manufacturing trends, sprung mattresses tend to be cheaper. They are followed closely by pocket sprung mattresses which are relatively cheap as well. Mattresses made out of memory foam and latex are currently very pricey. In addition to the material used, the mattresses’ density and quality of filler materials used also influences the price tag. The denser the mattresses and the more the quantity of all-natural materials used, the higher the price tag. Synthetic fibers are generally known to cost less in comparison to natural fibers which are known to attract higher costs.

It is interesting to know that subtle finishes in mattresses which we sometimes see as insignificant also influence the cost of these mattresses. For instance, the type of border onthe mattress can also impact the cost to customer. Hand stitched borders tend to be more expensive in comparison to machine stitched borders. Who knew?

All in all, we must be ready and willing to invest in our mattresses because they are among the list of most important items in the home today. Given that we spend an average of about a third of our day on sleep, you will realize that the price tag placed on the mattress is quite fair.