Difference between a No-Turn Mattress and Turn Mattress

You are doing a general cleaning in your bedroom and its been months past since you had bought the new mattress. Perhaps, you’re thinking whether to turn it to its other side or not? This is a dilemma where most bed mattresses owners are confuse with the idea of having to turn the bed to its other side. Would there be a difference after all?

To flip or not?

There are materials of a bed mattress that needs to be flipped in a regular basis such as those beds that are made out of wool, cotton and polyester. If you want to ensure that it will still function and perform good while you’re sleeping, this is a good way to maintain your bed mattress. That’s why you sholud always look for the best mattress topper that you can find.

Fiber made material bed mattresses also needs to be flipped in order for it to have a good “settlement.” You will be surprised as to how it has last you longer over the years if you are able to turn it in a regular basis. However, foam mattresses with padding are not advisable to to be flipped.

The use of pillow tops

During the 1970’s the mattress industry was then very conservative in terms of making two-sided mattress even though it was that necessary to make. Until the year 1980 where the use of pillow tops began to rise its popularity. This also came out with a thicker type of mattress that were not 10 inches thicker than the usual. If you’re going to compare it with the standard type of mattress which measures 5 inches of innerspring and a 1.8 pound density foam padding at both each sides.


The use of pillow tops increases the mattress for about 15 inches which made it very durable and sellable in the market. However, the question remain, if its advisable to turn the bed mattress or not?

Is there a difference between a no-turn mattress and a turn mattress?

The answer is that it doesn’t have any difference at all. Both positioning becomes beneficial depending as to how it is produced and manufactured. Regardless of the brand of the bed mattress, if it is not well-made, definitely your investment would turn out to be a waste of money. But, if you look closely and researched the best quality type of bed mattresses either way you can generally flip it regularly as possible.

The component of the bed mattress

Whether you’re turning or not turning a bed mattress make sure that it comes from the best and reliable bed mattresses retailers and manufacturers. One thing that you must remember is not to buy a type of mattress that is less than 1.5lbs density and not less than 1.8lbs density in terms of its padding layers.

In conclusion, turning or not turning the bed mattress would depend mainly as to how it is produced by a mattress industry. Flipping it to its other side wouldn’t cause anything but making the bed mattress more functional and last longer.