About Me

I am Ronald Brown. You can consider me an activist writer or simply a guy who just enjoys speaking his mind. Through my keyboard, I express how I see the world and I know if you are like me, you will appreciate my honesty in the way I express my thoughts and my point of view. Let’s face it, your life becomes much more peaceful when you speak your mind and get things off your chest. You should ty it more often.

I am not afraid of controversy, in fact controversy is my middle name. Through my writing, I seek to fill in the gaps, eliminate the silence and clarify the ambiguities especially when it comes to topics most writers will shun for one reason or the other. This is what the society has termed as activism, hence the inspiration behind my blog – The Activist Writer. Catchy! Right?

If you were to ask me a question so frequently directed to writers, “why do I write?”the answer is simply, why not? Why think about it and not express it out loud?

I welcome you to this eye opening ride. I guarantee to open a new perspective in your mind, a new way of looking at the world. You will find yourself questioning things you never knew were worth a second thought and this is what activism in writing is all about.