Monthly Archive: February 2018

Countries Where Growing Cannabis Is Legal

Cannabis users can relate to the feeling of lighting a fresh bowl and enjoying the taste of some amazing marijuana, but the problem is that cannabis is still illegal in many parts of the world. Most people depend on dispensaries to get their monthly quota of medicine, but what about people who cannot get access to cannabis legally?

Regardless of where you reside in the world, cannabis is viewed through suspicious eyes. It is politicized to no end and consuming/smoking cannabis can have serious consequences, especially if you’re unlucky to live in a place that hasn’t legalized marijuana. Unfortunately, most people depend on shady dealers to get their medication and this will continue unless it’s legalized all over the globe.

Fortunately, many countries are changing their views and governments finally understand that cannabis is indeed a medicine. Here’s a list of all the countries that have gone a step ahead and legalized marijuana.

  • The United States of America

It is ironic that the country that fought the most against cannabis is now legalizing it in almost every state. It’s no secret that the “War on Drugs” declared by the American government was a huge failure because the mission increased the drug addiction problem among people rather than eradicating it. However, things are slowly changing today and cannabis is legal in many states in the USA including Washington, Nevada, California, Oregon, Alaska, Massachusetts, Maine and The District of Columbia.

  • Spain

The laws on accepting cannabis is a little complicated in Spain but it’s legal to ingest/smoke cannabis in private. It’s also legal to grow your own cannabis plants in Spain! In fact, it’s best to grow cannabis because you can be sure that there are no added chemicals in it. Also, depending on unscrupulous dealers may be unsettling to many people who love marijuana.

All you need to do is grab some of the Best LED Grow Lights available in the market today and get started. Of course, you can grow cannabis outdoors but growing cannabis with LED lights indoors gives you full control over your plants. LED Grow lights can easily replace HID/HPS lights that are difficult to manage. You can also save more power with LEDs and forget about them for at least a decade even if you let them run 24/7!

  • Netherlands

What comes to mind when you think of Amsterdam? Cannabis, of course! With more than 250 cafes that allow customers to smoke weed and sip coffee, it’s certainly the weed capital of the world. Even tourists can smoke and consume as much marijuana as they want as long as they don’t harm others or become a nuisance.


  • Australia

Cannabis is legal in Australia, but only under specific conditions. Any patient who’s deemed to be extremely ill by a physician can access medical marijuana. The laws are strict and even the cannabis consumed by the users are apparently imported.

  • North Korea

It’s incredible that a country that has some bizarre laws has legalized marijuana. It’s perfectly fine to sell, smoke or grow cannabis and you could do it to your heart’s content. There are restrictions on the number of plants you can grow in many countries, but North Korea has no such limitations.

  • Uruguay

Uruguay is miles ahead of other countries because it was one of the first among other Latin-American countries to legalize weed.  People can buy cannabis in legal dispensaries and take care of their health issues without any delay.

Other countries like Peru allow up to 8 grams in possession and even countries like Cambodia, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Portugal have legalized cannabis for medical use.  Hopefully, many other countries will take a stance and continue to support cannabis in the future.