Help Create A Global Human Rights Logo


AN INITIATIVE TO CREATE A GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS LOGO is now open to all submissions: A Human Rights Logo is an international campaign created by ten partner states to find that symbol that says “human rights.”

The people behind the challenge created this contest because there is currently no logo for human rights, like the universally recognized “peace sign.” A crowdsourced contest was the next step to finding the perfect single image.

Anyone can submit their logo and the contest is open until July 31st. Although this is a nonprofit initiative, there are cash prizes offered for the top three designs. An international jury of experts and activists, including Aung San Sun Kyi and Somaly Mam, will work with designers to choose the winning entries.

The contest’s been open for one day only, but there’s already over one hundred submissions posted on the site. Learn more on how to submit your own.

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