True Stories of Brewing Tea in Afghanistan

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NEWS BROKE THIS WEEK ABOUT ALLEGATIONS OF INACCURACIES in Three Cups of Tea, the bestselling memoir by Greg Mortensen, the story of his school-building work in Central Asia. Mortensen is accused of fabricating events in the book, and now a charity run by Mortensen is also under scrutiny.

Despite the news and controversy about this particular project, there is a need to hear about the social conditions facing Afghans today. One place to find that perspective is Community Supported Film. They train Afghans to use video to tell their own stories.

Brewing Tea in a Kettle of War is a documentary focussing on the economic development process in Afghan villages. The project is spearheaded by filmmaker Michael Sheridan, who was inspired to mentor Afghan journalists and filmmakers.

Here’s the introduction to the film:

Community Supported Film has also just wrapped a series of shorts called The Fruit of Our Labor. You can view excerpts of the finished works on their official Vimeo channel.

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