Tibet’s Unfinished Revolution

Image © The Sun Behind the Clouds

MARCH 10 MARKS THE FIFTY-SECOND ANNIVERSARY of the 1959 Tibetan National Uprising, when thousands of Tibetans gathered at the Norbulingka Palace, the Dalai Lama’s summer residence, to demand that Chinese troops leave Tibet. Over the next few days, the Chinese violently cracked down on protestors. At the end of that week, the Dalai Lama made his escape to Dharamsala, India, where he established the Tibetan government in exile.

Sixty years of occupation did not dull the spirit of resistance. Three years ago in March, Tibet once again rose up in protest.

Since 1959, the Tibetan people have struggled to keep their cultural and religious identity intact, and fought simply to stay alive.

Today, a fearful China acts preemptively to stop any possibility of protests inspired by the events in the Middle East. China is harassing journalists and this week closed Tibet to foreign tourists.

The popular uprisings in the Middle East inspired all of us who still believe in freedom of speech, religion, and assembly. Many of us rallied behind the citizens of Egypt, Tunisia, and Bahrain as they called for democratic freedom. The Tibetan people deserve that same kind of support.

Here is a short video about the uprising. More about Tibet here and here.

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