One Day On Earth: The Other Crowdsourced Documentary

CAN ALL OF HUMAN EXPERIENCE BE CAPTURED ON VIDEO in one 24-hour period? Last week Sundance featured the splashy premiere of Life in a Day, the crowdsourced, collaborative documentary that aimed to capture everything happening on July 24, 2010. Spearheaded by Kevin MacDonald and Ridley Scott, the film was broadcast live on YouTube and met with rapturous reviews.

But there’s another crowdsourced documentary out there with a little less Hollywood and much more of a social media slant: One Day on Earth.

One Day on Earth also documents a 24 hour period and took place last October, on the numerically auspicious 10.10.10. Unlike Macdonald’s and Scott’s project, One Day on Earth aims to create and support a global community of filmmakers: professional, grassroots, and everything in-between.

The video archive of all the clips submitted are now online.

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