5 Blogs About Food Activism You Should Be Reading

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CALL IT SUSTAINABLE FOOD OR FOOD ACTIVISM or just common sense: the movement to shape food policy that is fair and healthy for everyone is one of our most important issues today.

Blogs about food activism cover everything from sustainable food to farm workers’ rights to environmental policies.

Here are 5 blogs about food activism you should be reading:

Wasted Food: is the blog of journalist and author Jonathan Bloom, who tracks legislation, reports, and news about food waste, and all in a very readable, accessible, actionable way.

Food Not Bombs: What began as a protest against a nuclear power station in 1980 grew into a movement to fight hunger, poverty and homelessness. Food Not Bombs believes “food is a right, not a privilege” and is now a collective with chapters on every continent. Visit their site to support your local chapter or start a new one (and be sure to watch the animated film on the homepage).

Civil Eats: A great source for daily updates on sustainable agriculture in the U.S. This is your go-to source for food policy.

Nourishing the Planet: The Worldwatch Institute publishes Nourishing as part of its research project examining sustainable agricultural practices and policies. The project takes a holistic approach, looking at climate change, farming and the food industry.

The Lunch Tray: Family dinner to school food reform: The Lunch Tray is an attractive site with a great voice and a very important topic: kids and food.

Want more? Here’s a story on poverty and why so many Americans are food insecure.

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