Citizen Haiti: A Handwritten People’s Blog

CITIZEN HAITI, OR SITWAYEN AYITI, IS CITIZEN JOURNALISM FOR HAITIANS. The blog publishes stories, news items, and a short round-up of the latest blog entries on “Blogwatch.”

Although the blog is ‘handwritten’ citizen journalism by the people and publishes both in Creole and English, the site does have some traditional, albeit community, media connections.

Sitwayen Haiti connects to the blog of Radio Boukman in Cité Soleil, one of the island’s most trusted news and communication sources.

If you haven’t checked in with Sitwayen Ayiti since the earthquake, or it’s your first visit, you’ll find the multimedia essay, Voices of Haiti, a compilation of the letters written by Haitians citizens after the earthquake. With today being the first anniversary of the earthquake, it’s a good day to check in and reflect on what’s happened and the urgent work that still needs to be done.

You can also watch video interviews from that series on Citizen Haiti’s Vimeo channel:

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Here’s the original piece in the New York Times about the suggestion boxes that led to Letters from Haiti.

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