How Close Are We To Ending World Poverty?



IN 2000, THE UNITED NATIONS SET OUT A SERIES OF EIGHT GOALS to be met by 2015: the Millennium Development Goals. Now, with only five years left to achive those goals, the U.N is meeting to review progress at a summit taking place in New York from September 20-22.

This is the first in a series of posts examining each of the eight Millennium Development Goals. First up: poverty.



Goal #1: to halve the proportion of people whose income is less than $1 a day

So how close are we to ending world poverty? The share of those in developing nations living in extreme poverty is expected to fall to 15 percent by 2015, down from 46 percent in 1990. These gains are due to recent growth in China and India. But that leaves nearly a billion undernourished people today. That number is simply unacceptable.

What will you do today to help end global poverty?


Stand Up Against Poverty is a grassroots movement promoting three days of events to bring attention to poverty eradication. Registration for an event near you is now open.

The Global Poverty Project urges people to make small actions to bring about the end of poverty in one generation.


“Millennium News” is an MDG-themed newscast put together by teens in Nairobi:

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2 thoughts on “How Close Are We To Ending World Poverty?

  1. Since some of the richest people in the world live very frugally and because corporations tie up more and more money at the top of the ladder, I think we are getting farther away from solving world poverty. There is less and less mobile money in the world and more of it sitting in portfolios and corporate accounts. This recession makes it more obvious. The world isn’t as rich as it thinks it is. There is less money to go around for the majority of people. The world will most likely become poorer.

  2. Admirable goal. I remember seeing a timeline that showed poverty decreasing steadily until the 90’s then rebounding up to the initial levels. Hope we can push it back down again.

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